1 – Strategic Business Partnership

Dear Mr Chris Kelepouris,

We Lee Feng from Landking Group and Sergio Chessari from Chessbuilt Development take this opportunity to introduce our business proposal to you.

Lee Feng is building designer from Your Design Group. Lee had made another tailor-made website for you a few months ago but haven’t got chance to show you.

We envisage the concept to be not only an opening to a prospective and potential market but also the foundation of a working relationship that will create benefits and value for all parties.

Our qualifications, experience and skills has created a vision highlighting our
extensive knowledge of property development and the enormous potential
to grow.

Incorporating our qualifications and experience in property development we developed our property development consulting firm known as
“Landking Group Pty Ltd”

Website: www.landking.com.au

The consulting firm was established and structured on the following criteria:

1. Lee Feng is the building designer from “Your Design Group”. Lee’s widespread background in comprehensive services from development property searching, acquiring designs and building have reinforced and successfully completed numerous town planning applications.

2. Academically Lee completed Bachelor of Architecture from RMIT

3. Lee’s father was a dean at the School of Architecture at Tsinghua University in China, the top university that has produced many under and post graduate students. The success outcome of the university has sourced countless principals of design firms, government planning officials in major cities in China.

4. Sergio Chessari is founder, director, of Chessbuilt founded in 1995 and is a reputable, sound and extremely reliable family business.

5. Sergio’s passion for building was inbuilt as a child and inherited from his father who mastered and achieved services that continue to grow.

Lee’s business connections among local and mainland Chinese investors are distinctive and immense.

Sergio’s refined workmanship, creativity and innovation has captured a broad area of the property market and encapsulated investors to improve and further develop their portfolio.

There is a vast business opportunity for Melbourne Real Estate Agents to benefit from Chinese investors simply due to the following:

1. The decline of the Chinese property market and lack of highly profitable investments will direct the Chinese investors actively seeking overseas investment opportunities.

2. Melbourne provides opportunities suitable for the lower and average investors and developers.

3. Comparing the high property tax in USA and Canada market, the weakening of the European economy, Australia is a market that appeals and attracts investors due to great environment, stable economy, minimal cost of holding properties and the weakening of the Australian dollar.

Landking Group Pty Ltd goal is to develop and expand marketing channels both in Melbourne and China.

Our objective is to educate and provide valuable consulting services to Chinese Investors. Our ultimate technical capabilities in building design and real estate marketing will introduce a significant and influential marketing tool to Real Estate Industry. It will provide powerful and effective outcomes that have not been previously sourced.

What makes Landking Group unique is the fact that there is very few property development consulting firms with Chinese background offering comprehensive services from development property searching, acquiring to design and build. For every potential development site we will create accurate feasibility study with cash return rate for our development members to select.

Our strategy is to establish a mutually beneficial business partnership with your organization.

The key features and benefits of this business partnership would be:

1. We would sell your properties with development potential to Chinese investors.
2. Share commissions in selling newly approved development projects, from our investor clients, our extensive contact with other architects and building design firms. ?
3. We would expose your listings through Landking Group’s seminars, membership personal websites and other marketing channels.

We invite you to consider being our strategic business partner.
Your commitment to the partnership would be established as follows:

With $500 monthly minimum order of Landking Group real estate marketing media products and services such as:
(a) Property Website Package (for selling existing properties)

more samples
(b) Property video (for selling existing properties)

more samples
(c) Development website (For selling off-plan developments)

more samples
(d) Development video (For selling off-plan developments)
BullaViews Essendon North

more samples
(e) Artist impression (For selling off-plan developments)

more samples

Landking Group simply offers some of the most powerful and effective marketing tools for real estate industry which is not available from anywhere else.

We are proud of our Real Estate marketing media products.
Existing website packages and property video’s are exclusive to Landking Group Pty Ltd and of which are well priced and of high quality standards.

Our development fly-through and open-roof animation is simply the best in market with very affordable price.

Our products engages potential buyers to remember your properties by placing them into their property hunting short list and increase the possibility of the sale by:

1. Allowing buyers to understand the property by linking images and the layout of the floor plan in 3D.

2. Making the presentation interactive to enhance the property exploring experience of potential buyers.
exterior sample

interior sample

3. Allowing potential buyers to immediately locate the local amenities such as transport, schools, shops etc.

* top school information is based on bettereducation.com.au 2013 ranking

The benefits you will achieve from ours services are our unique and powerful marketing products that will build towards your company’s reputation and branding and selling your listings rapidly.

Discounts would be provided for first time trial.
We would offer 30% discount on website or video of property, such as the ones you currently selling 2/18 Bullarto Street, Chadstone, Vic 3148
30% discount on website and video of developments such as the ones you are currently selling 1/25 Prince Charles Street Clayton Vic 3168.

Thanking you for taking the time and effort in reviewing our proposal.

We would be appreciative of the opportunity to arrange a meeting time to further discuss our possible business partnership in detail.

Kind Regards

Lee Fee

Sergio Chessari

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